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Pokefun - The unofficial Notebook (Team Red) for Pokemon GO Fans

notebook, notepad, tablet, scratch pad, pad, gift booklet, Pokemon GO, Pikachu, birthday, christmas

Artikelnummer: 9783743159983

Notebook for fans of Pokemon GO. Perfect as gift booklet to say thank you, or as birthday/christmas present or for yourself. Notebook for fast and simple saving of instructions, tactics or for all things you do not want to forget Adressbook for saving of contact information of trainers/teammembers Due to a handy format, the notebook can be comfortably used in any situation (e.g. on the way or at home or at work) Perfect for spontaneous collection of ideas or as a memorization tool for appointments, meetings points, fight strategies at arenas, etc. Practical handling due to easy pocket format Further features: glossy cover, ruled paper, Team Red symbol at one upper corner of each page.

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Erschienen: 07.03.2017
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ISBN: 978-3-7431-5998-3
Abmessungen: 19 × 0.4 × 12 cm

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