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Simon in Rwanda - The Departure

Artikelnummer: 9783738624397

Africa! Simon is moving to Africa! He is going with his parents and his sister Nora to live in Rwanda. He doesn?t know very much about Africa yet, but he is very excited about his new home in the capital city, Kigali. But he almost missed the flight ? he thought he was being left behind! During the flight he learns a lot about the countries they are flying over, and in Kigali he rescues a bag with all his toys at the very last moment. Who would think that moving could be so exciting!

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Autoren-Portrait von Jesko Johannsen

For many years, Jesko Johannsen was a journalist in Germany. He moved to Rwanda when his children were three and five years old, and had the idea for "Simon in Rwanda" while sitting at his desk looking out over the hills of Kigali. Simon is just like any boy, finding his own ways to connect cultures and explore new horizons. He experiences Africa through European eyes, and reading his adventures will help children to understand what Africa is really like.

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